Saturday, June 09, 2007

back to the beginning

the silence is breaking.
i am starting to hear.
all of the confusion and clutter
that once fogged my brain is thinning.
i gaze upon fimilar sights,
and i hear fimliar sounds,
oh the sweet sounds.
i was so bitter
so young, so ignorant.
but now
i won't stop dancing, i won't stop singing
though the mountains are high
and the fall is long
it's not worth comprimise
freedom, is young and
short, it does not last.
at least not to the heart
though stones are heavy
and rivers divide
it does not matter
your ristrictions cant conform
and you words wont cut
we'll lay, forever.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


you are trapped
in the mud and the muck
my little flower cannot blossom
shine on me, shine on you
you're at the bottom
help me to open my eyes
though your beauty is covered
and unheard
i want you to bloom
awaken my reality of life
through yours
you can help me
i can help you
i know we can
come on, rise above the opression
there you are
i can see you now
im coming
everywhere, like you
we know no boundries
im confident, as you are beautiful
you're a high vibration
the fear of your past
has become fearlessly present
in the moment at hand
like a lotus
you're radiant
we're radiant

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


my insides twist
more by the minute
my eyes are filled
my heart is emptied
i've given you my all
and nothing
please. oh please.
there is no one.
no one like are each drip from my heart
you are beauty, you are captivating.
i've lost my breath a long time ago
i haven't regained it.
you have become, my becoming
i miss you.
can't you see past this shy outside and into my soul
use your eyes,
no use our soul
look, harder
it will be worth it, i promise.
try try try.
we can make it real.
we can.
i'll paint you a picture,
if you promise to look.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

a new world

I had a dream where grass was covered in leaves and tree covered in grass.
I had a dream where everyone was clothed, and had warm shelters.
I had a dream where people didn't have to prove themselves, they were just accepted.
I had a dream that there was peace among nations and freedoms everywhere.
there was no hurt or war or pain.
I had a dream that persectuion stopped forever.
I had a dream where equality was necessary to survive.
that women were as good as men. and men as good as women.
I had a dream where everyone had the same amount of food to eat. no one went hungry.

the first dream could come true...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Hello Head

Hello Head.

my only friend.

you aren't directly attached to my arm.

there is a shoulder in between you.

like so many other things.

let's just be glad you aren't directly attached to the foot.

wouldn't that look silly.


but then again, change is good, that's what they say.

we will sit down together someday and have a tea party.

just me, head, arm and foot.

and see how great a time we have.


my best friends.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

dirtballs in my pockets and take off both my shoes

when i dance little one will you not join me?

has society tainted even your child-like spirit?

not you too.

look the water is dancing, it is perfection in spontaneous form.

we can learn from the unconstrained ripples of the water.

let's dance, let's sing

if somebody's trying to shut us up , let's sing louder and even better

our irresistible song is addictive to the ignorant

we are created to enlighten

little one?


do not envy people who think they have a complete explanation of the world,

for the simple reason that they are obviosuly wrong.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

i fall asleep to your laughter

uncover my eyes i'm blindly walking
the seeds are covered
let live, though dying
the seeds are uncovered
vunerably waiting
i see your color
with a half transparent heart
unworthly blessed
living the purpose of the branch
transparent side out
unmovable stones
amounst the thorns
cringing from the false colors
but the beautiful multicolored flowers
...where is the balance