Monday, October 30, 2006

i look to the sky
i thank you
my back is not bare
and food in my stomach
how can i serve you today
i set out to worship you
i see you playing guitar
a loonie or toonie
what more do you need
your the lady no one cares to know
do you want a coffee
for everything i have
is not mine but yours to give
what more do you need
i want to be your servent
i see your hands are cold
take these they will keep you warm
what more do you need
how can i help you
a smile
or i wave
my body is yours to control
my heart breaks
can i be your magnet
can i be your worshiper
can i be your lover
i have have nothing.
i have everything.

Friday, October 20, 2006

to explain to you what is going on inside of me wouldn't do it justice. Jesus is so good. i have said it before, and i will say it again. Jesus is transforming my being. im not saying its easy. its really hard..and a lot of things are going on. but its so good.

i didn't go to school today. instead i went down to market square and chilled out and read some word. i was having a "rougher day" as Erin S and i like to call them..and decided that i would change that by dedicating this day to Jesus. so i got a coffee and went up the my "usse" spot in market square. i sat and started reading the bible. i prayed that today God would give me more boldness, and an oppertunity to share my faith.As faithful as God is he did. I was about to get up and call Jen fry..when a man in a wheelchair came up beside me and randomly asked me what i was reading. i have seen this man around town all the time and always give a smile as we pass by eachother. i answered with a quick "the bible". God had answered my prayers and now i was holding back from what i had just prayed for. we exchanged a few more words, and he was on his way. i couldnt help but think about this man all day. i had a chance to change this mans life..introduce Jesus if he didnt already know him.

after Jen and i had a sweet day together just hanging out..i was off to most of you know i work in the market where a lot of the same people walk through everyday, this is where i had reconized the man in the wheelchair from. it was around 6:00 and i was just praying in my head that God would just give me another chance. seriosuly, as i prayed this he drove up the center ilse in his wheelchair! without telling my co-worker where i was going i ran after him. i introduced myself just in case he had forgotten and then i asked to pray for him. all the time my heat beating so fast i could hear it! im sure i will see this man around again sometime. and each time im going to make an effort to say more the hello to him. Good ol' Jesus faithful as ever. just a lil how God is helping me become more bold:)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I need you more then before Jesus

My Heart and My Flesh cry out. I am Desprate for you Jesus. We are called to be set a part from the rest of the world. we are called to be the salt of the earth. messengers for Jesus. why then do so many of us fall away after seeing so much. why do we find it so hard to stand up for Jesus. should we not cry to Jesus for everything...refine us oh Lord. Help us to worship you in everything we us to lead lives that glorify you Jesus..there is no where else i would rather be..