Friday, June 23, 2006

We can’t understand life, because Life was not created to be understood.

like a rose, we will pale
each pedal will eventually feel the same
will we be judged on how long we last
or by our unique scent?
who is to be our judge
on what basis are we convicted
failing to live up to our colors
the colors that define us?
The colors we had no choice in
Or is it the scent?
That we can not change
Strong and beautiful
depending on the judge
but what judge matters?
we are each so different, yet the same
longing for a better life
but created for one purpose
the universal purpose

will you not let me fade
or even shine?
stop judging
take me out of this vase
don’t compare me
i am who i am
i am beautiful.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

my life in a list

-school is done
-i passed everything
-camp is in 3 days
-i'm scared as heck
-i have barely packed
-i still need to get a police check done
-i need to clean my room
-get presents for friend who are moving
...i dont have time to finish the gonna be late for work!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

somewhere in between dreams..

yeah, so..he could be any heigth. i donno what colour eyes but and it doesnt matter what style hair. he means the world to me& i mean the world to him. ive searched my whole life for him and ive finally found him. he'd do anything for me. he loves me for who i am. he promises me things, and keeps his promises. he'd lay with me in the sun watching cloud shapes go by all day. he finds the simplest things are fun and he inspires me. i dont need to impress him and he doesnt need to impress me. he makes me want to be different. hes unlike everyone else..hes unique. we don't fight. we go for long walks and have picnics and talk about the future. we can share nice, mature, deep, spiritual conversations. we spend time jumping in puddles like little kids, having the time of our life just with eachothers company. we walk in the rain for hours. he loves to laugh at my stupid jokes.he loves my paintings even when he doesn't know what it is. & he loves to sing to me..even if hes a bit embarrassed & he plays the guitar. he thinks the world of me. he loves animals and he loves the country. he loves seeing pictures of me& watching home videos of when i was little. he wants to know everything about me and he has respect for me.he loves my family.he is sooo thoughtful and kind.and he cares about the little things. and our love isn't dramatic and fake,its alive& real. we share amazing moments together just being in love with eachother. but most importantly, he loves God. he has a beautiful relationship with God. He puts Gods will over me. He knows how much God means to me. He knows that i want to do God's will...and we will go on mission trips together. we will go to africa and live there, God willing. so hes pretty much just amazing& perfect to me.. . so, to sum it all up, i could write on & on forever about this boy. and just to let you of now..i havent found him yet. yea im still waiting for that boy..hes just my dream that ive been praying for so i just want him to know..whenever i meet him, that i have loved him, ive always loved him & i was inspired to write this about him. though i dont know him right now, i cant spend part of my life with him RIGHT NOW. but God knows what i need in my life. and GOd is always faithful. i know that hes alive..and i pray he is waiting for me too! but one things for sure..when i do meet him, ill just know its him -- and i cant wait for that day!