Thursday, August 31, 2006

a weird place

i don't know if it's the after-camp shock.
or just the change of life style. maybe it's the whole going back to school depression.
whatever it is i'm in a weird place, and i think it's gonna last a while.
i'm not falling away from God. he's here he's just being a little quiet.
maybe i need to be quiet for a few months...

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

back to the usse

yesterday i found myself looking upon the firmilar sights of the saint john city market, and then sitting in my usual spot in market square. people watching while half reading "mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis,drinking a large single single from timmy's,finding myself bored out of my mind with all this free time. i didn't have to be doing anything, i didn't have to be planning anything, i didn't have to be hanging out with campers. i could just be. and i hated it. >>a picture of market square

Camp Medley summer 2006-completed. sad-yes excited-a bit it's all over for another year. a lot of my good friends are moving away to far away places. and chances of me seeing them for a year are very slim to none. job -check {wild carrot cafe/beckwith and co.}

pineapple club all dressed up at Marie- Helene and Jamie's wedding
sitting in the kitchen at camp medley:)
Me Mal and Katie<3

Saturday, August 05, 2006

just another week

i just need some time alone.
im not doing well.
a lot of things are going on inside my head.
i really need prayer.
its whats gonna keep me in there for 3 more weeks.