Saturday, July 15, 2006

camp medley

so camp medley.
i am the asst. cook.
when i first got the job, i wasn't going to accept it.
satan was telling me all the lies i couldn't do it,
i wasn't good enough,i was too young etc..
and then i was just praying and GOd was like Karen
you have to go.
so i went.
it's the end of week two, and im burnt.
im fried, done, pooped, outta it.
satan is just like i told you so.
but God's like Karen depend on me
i want to be your strength.
i want to be your way.
i want to be the reason you get up every morning.
im kinda , actually a lot frustrated.
i have a lot going on right now inside,
and it seems like i cant do anything about it.
there are people willing to talk i just refuse it.
im so frustrated with myself.

prayers needed...