Sunday, September 03, 2006

an intense day in freddy

well it all started when my good friend abby and i decided that we wanted to go to freddy beach to catch the craft sale. at the last minute my sister and her boyfriend decided to come along, in his car. abby and i left earlier and we set a place to meet, the regent mall... it started out great we had a nice chatsies on the way up but then...we we got there. and we realized that we had no clue where we were going. we ended up near the "f-ex" in the superstore parking lot. we soon called cathy and nick and told them the sitch...we had no clue where we were. so they found us. everything was great we went into to the good ol' SS and looked around then we came out to head to the craft sale... when abby realized she had locked her keys in her car. eeee. we soon decided to go to the craft sale in nicks car and deal with her car later. we all piled in and headed downtown freddy. it was nice. the craft sale was a little smaller then we had hoped but it was good. time passed and after walking around town for a while we found ourselves in second cup coffee shop. we ran into al and justin. had a little chatsies and went in and had a good time in second cup. then we headed back to superstore parking lot and called a tow truck it came..after a while. we got the keys and headed are some pics of the adventure!


Blogger lovesick vagrant said...

You are so very beautiful
I hope to hang out and drink tea with you some day soon:)

8:48 PM  

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