Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jesus take the wheel..

today we sat on the front stairs of our school, everyone scrambling to sit with their friends. after a few minutes the class of 2007 was situated. i stared at the camera..when it hit me. im graduating. i have talked about it for four years now." i can't wait to get outta this joint" and now..its my final year and im busting out! but on the other hand..school has been something that has been stable for 13 years of my life..always somewhere to go, there was always something to do.. school..as much as i hated it..was a firm foundation , a way to keep in touch with all my friends. and now everything is going to change. it's going to be different you know, i won't see this person by their locker everyday..even if i didn't know them but knew their face.. or i won't meet these certain people for lunch on monday..and these ones on tuesday. it's gonna be different. i guess i'm just scared. i mean..everone else pretty much are all going on to university..and as of right now i'm traveling to Africa for 2-3 months in september 2007. there i will find an orphange filled with children whos parents have died of AIDS. i don't know anyone personally...but i know it's a good program and certainly where God wants me. scared you ask? scared out of my mind.
i have been a Christian now for 2 years. and in two years God has rocked my world. He has shown me things that i cannot even begin to describe on paper. people have told me i am going to be anything from a preacher,intercessor,mission worker. honestly i don't need a title. all i want to be called it a child of GOd.That is more then i can ask for. i have no idea what im doing after Africa but i know that Jesus does. GOd is gonna do amazing things..Jesus take the wheel!


Anonymous Nicole said...

Hey karen i think your blog is very true i mean we are graduateing!! i dont really want to go to university but school is stability i might get lost without it! But i hope i go away and get out of this place just for a change It will be scary to leave everything that is familiar but it will allow room to grow! lova yah!

6:46 AM  
Blogger KDT said...

You are positively one of my favourite people in the world.

Graduation IS scary.... even after the fact. But I love your simple trust in God... it's so inspiring.


8:37 PM  
Blogger *~Col~* said...

ahh - you're is graduating this year!! :)I am so excited for you the amazing things God's got for you. keep on seekin Him! i miss you! love colleen

4:19 PM  
Blogger Becky* said...

Hey!!! God has so many awesome plans ahead for you!! His plans may take you from the things you are familiar with, but what he exchanges with it will be so amazing. it'll be excatly where you'll want to be, serving the Lord,filling your heart and soul with the love of the lord.

4:38 PM  

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